How Can a City Measure Its Happiness?

A very interesting measure. It’s difficult to measure intangibles and subjective concepts with large groups of people in possibly very diverse areas, but the effort is worthwhile to figure out what it is that makes life a little sweeter in places where people are more satisfied. Those folks probably live longer!

Helping Public Markets Grow

This is a good article about well-being indexes used by municipalities to draw some conclusions about intangibles such as levels of happiness among their citizens. That alone makes this article useful to markets (to compare their shoppers happiness levels perhaps or to find metrics that markets could also use?) but what is also interesting is that the article details how responses were collected in order to ensure enough diversity in the responses.
Food system organizers in these cities could learn from the conclusions and even work with these municipal leaders to also survey farmers market shoppers, possibly adding a question or two about their use of local foods and markets. Knowing about these data collection projects could also allow markets to easily locate experienced survey teams and tested methodology for their own survey work.
“Despite this caveat, Hadley stresses that the undertaking is eminently worthwhile, given the relative ease of…

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