WalMart Wages…Facepalm

This is a detailed description of why I loathe the minimum wage as it stands now.  I, like I stated in my last post, stand among the number of people currently on government assistance programs.  It’s not the greatest situation, but I’m glad these programs are available.  Thankfully, I will no longer be participating in the very near future, since I got a raise- yay!  Other people, more than I thought, are not so lucky and will contribute to the $23,861,956,785 in food stamps dispensed already this fiscal year, which started in October 2013.  Crazy big number, right?  Almost unbelievable?  Definitely– according to the USDA’s data sheets, more people than EVER BEFORE are on this program (about 47 million people or 22.8 million households- that’s about 14% of the WHOLE population of the U.S.) (2).  The number of households on the SNAP (food stamps) program in the 2006-2007 fiscal year was 11.8 million (3)..  So you can see what happened since the decline of the economy in 2008 and that tax cuts since to very few of these at-risk groups have not solved the problem.

WalMart, it seems, pays many of its workers a low enough wage that they qualify for, and use, food stamps and probably also Medicaid.  If you wonder how much it would save everyone, including these people and YOU- the average taxpaying American, for WalMart to raise its wages to a “living wage” and truly support its employees, watch the video.  Just think about this- none of the data I discussed above even involved the Medicaid program, which cost about $525,000,000,000 over the 2009-2010 fiscal year (4).  Raising wages for employees of companies like WalMart and many other retailers that essentially follow its example could make an incredible difference in the livelihoods of millions of people on government assistance programs and the taxpayers who fund those programs.  It’s high time that employers who make billions of dollars a year on the backs of people who suffer for it pay back the economy- they owe all of us that.

Jaw Dropped


(1): video from HERE!

(2): SNAP (food stamp program) 2011-2013 monthly data sheet including costs and other figures, HERE!

(3): SNAP (food stamp program) data from fiscal year 2006-2007, HERE!

(4): Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Health Expenditure Projections 2010-2020, HERE!

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