As I start over, kicking and screaming

So, it has been MONTHS since I’ve bothered to take time to write a post- and the biggest reason is that my habits have made me awfully unworthy of writing a blog dealing in health topics as of late..  Here I am, a college graduate, who studied public health and the dangers of poor diet, lack of exercise, and all of the other clichéd things a person can do to damage his or her chances at a long and awesome life.  Yet, somehow, I struggle with giving up soda (repeatedly..), eat sweet things (especially as comfort food), and should be eating totally gluten-free (but it’s just so hard to cut things like fast-food fries out of my life entirely).  My point here is that everyone has habits to break and issues to work through, and no matter how good the information you have is, there will always be a gap in the results you wish you would see and the ones you will actually see from making changes.  That is, until you develop some good, old-fashioned intrinsic motivation.  That means any change you make should be for you, not so guys will talk to you, and definitely not so people will think you are a model.  There is actually a theory, called the Health Belief Model, that emphasizes one’s ability to believe in their own ability to make health behavior changes stick, called self-efficacy (or your ability to believe you can affect changes on yourself). To read more about this model and its, please go HERE!

Everyone knows (or at least every woman knows) the saying “nothing tastes as good as SKINNY feels.”  I hate that phrase.  Mostly because it’s crap, because I could name roughly one hundred things I enjoy eating more than watching SOMEONE ELSE eat them while I eat a salad.  It’s not that salads aren’t good, it’s that I’ve never had a salad that competes with my grandfather’s crème brûlée.  Also, skinny isn’t the goal- the goal shouldn’t be to be this starved and sad version of the person you could be with the right mindset.  The goal is healthy– whatever shape, whatever weight.  Try as some people, especially women, may to be skinny, for many (I mean 95%) of us the genetic body-type of teensy-weensy models is NOT in the cards.


Full disclosure(s): this is coming from a woman who hovers around a 6-8 size, with legs that don’t cooperate with any kind of pants that don’t have “curvy” in the fit description.  I have dragged my feet on making a major change with my health for about a year and a half, because it’s hard and sometimes you just want to eat nothing but pizza for days and days.  I have a gym membership, and in the last 7 months have gone on 2-3 week spurts where I exercise in my free time and feel great, try to drink more water, and eat a bit better.  Somehow it goes to hell over and over.  I pulled it off for about a year in college, dug through my memory for that determination that got me running daily and chugging water, and I can’t find it.  Thing is, I know I don’t want to die young, or get myself a preventable disease, or continue to bust my already poor metabolism, or rot out my teeth (my mother would just about strangle me- orthodontia in my youth was EXPENSIVE).

So, I propose a change.  No matter how few people are reading this, I will use it as an outlet when I crave terrible things, when I wish I could eat the whole box of cookies, and when I hate running/the gym.  I will talk about my backsliding, because it will happen here and there as I try to cut down the number of soda cans I consume.  People can’t eat like poo and somehow exercise enough for it not to matter.  Your body still responds to the food you eat and reacts in kind.  I know this because I ran a few hours after eating Chik-fil-A yesterday and it was like hitting myself repeatedly in the gut with a brick.  If I could drop it all like a mean, fat cold turkey, I still might not- like I said, my grandfather’s crème brûlée is amazing.  But here I will try (and occasionally fail).

Good-Intentions Girl

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