Gloves are OFF

bitch mittens

Angry at something.  Angry at the fact that people are forced into misinterpreting things because sources of authority choose their wording very carefully.  Here’s an example:  This list is entitled “Top 25 US health Insurance Companies” — before you get excited, don’t.  This isn’t a ranking based on the percentage of good health outcomes for people on these companies’ plans, nor on how small their out-of-pocket costs are, or even on ratings of personal satisfaction from the customers themselves.  NO SIR!  The rankings on this list are because these 25 companies have cornered the market on health insurance– they made the list because the most people have them.

Just so that the obvious is covered, what is most popular is NEVER a perfect indicator of what is best.  The very same principle that applies to mean popular kids in high school applies to insurance, ESPECIALLY to something as important to your everyday existence as health insurance.

By no means is popularity a reason to pick a health insurance plan.  Informed popularity is, but that is rare, because when you talk about healthcare, everyone is satisfied with their plan when they aren’t really sick.  It’s when the bills start coming in that people begin to question whether or not they have the best plan.  My advice is not to wait until you’re hidden under that scary pile of paperwork before you take some time to look over your plan, not just to take the top 25 rank at face value.

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